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By using this website, you convey your agreement to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to the terms set forth in this agreement or are unhappy with the site, please submit your complaint to the Contact Us page. Your failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in legal action, suspension or termination of your access to this Site without notice.  reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions without notice. Please continue to review this agreement whenever you access or use this site.

Processing Time

Processing time is the time to sort your visa approval letter and return it to your registered email. Visa processing time and passports  quoted by are relative and based on the processing time provided by Vietnam Immigration Department; Prior to 8 am and before 12 am (GMT + 7) (except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). Your application (s) will be initiated, after submitting and confirming your payment, within the timeframe stated above OR starting from the next business day / shift. The processing time should be calculated starting from the first time frame agreement when all documents and payments are sent to Submitting orders, payments and documents after 12am are counted from the following day, processed before 8:00 am.

For other processing options during weekends, national holidays, past working hours, processing times must be based on information provided on our email and upon receipt of all documents. material and payment.

In special cases, additional documentation or confirmation may be required and the processing time may be longer than normal. In such cases, we will notify you by email. The customer is solely responsible for checking their email, including but not limited to junk / spam, due to user email filters.

The Vietnam Immigration Department and / or other departments / embassies / consulates may request additional documentation and may delay and / or refuse treatment at its discretion. explain more. is  not liable for any delays, cancellations, fines and other losses due to refusal or delay in processing. No service fees, embassy fees, courier fees, delivery charges or any portion of this fee will be refunded in case of delay or refusal.

Fees and payment

You agree that your credit card (s) will be immediately billed after the online verification has taken place. You agree to pay all fees and charges for any product or service provided by  or by any other provider or service provider through  . You must pay all applicable taxes and shipping fees associated with the purchase of any other product or service. The requirements and fees associated with the processing of passports and visas may vary, including, but not limited to, the consular fee, the form and the documents needed to issue the visa, subject to change. without notice.

Cancellation and refund policy

If you cancel your service, you may be entitled to a refund. If your passport and other supporting documents have been received by  and have been processed and / or sent by  for processing at the time of cancellation, you will not receive any funds. refunded; However, if the delivery is not made at the time of cancellation, you will receive a full or partial refund of the difference of any fees paid, return shipping charges and processing charges.

You can cancel using the Contact Us form function on our website.  can not process refunds for credit card payments over 3 months in any case. In such cases,  may provide storage credits for future applications submitted through  . Credits can not be applied to applications submitted through other agencies or applications sent to the Consulate and / or other institutions directly.  reserves the right to refuse processing your visa application for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time or unusual circumstances. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

If for any reason you wish to cancel service before your visa application is changed to “processing” status, you may do so without charge or fine by email. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

If for any reason you wish to cancel the service after your visa application is changed to “processing” status, no refund will be made and the service will be completed.

You will not receive a refund when your visa approval letter has been approved by the Department of Immigration.

If you order other services, such as airport support, fast track, transfer, etc. and do not cancel within the last 36 hours, no refund will be given. Cancellations will vary according to hotel terms and conditions, at any time.

No refund will be made when our service is completed and your visa approval letter is sent to your specified email in the online visa application. In case you can not receive the visa approval letter in accordance with our notice, please contact us immediately via email or contact form. Not doing so is not refundable. We are not liable for any loss or delay caused by the email or false information provided by the applicant without prior notice to us.

No cancellation and no refund will be made if you refuse to obtain a visa approval letter containing inaccurate details caused by your mistakes. We recommend that you check your passport confirmation letter and personal information before departure.

Different types of visas have different restrictions. For example, a visa on arrival is only applicable to air travel, so when registering through our website, you agree that you will fly to Vietnam to receive a visa stamp at the airport of arrival. We will not refund you if you do NOT enter Vietnam by air when your visa approval letter is issued. The visa code at the embassy is only for visa stamps at a pre-selected embassy or consulate. Habits at the pre-selected embassy must follow.

If we do not pay in time, we will cancel your visa and / or service without further notice.

All fees will be refunded in case your application is declined. Depending on the card issuer, the refund process can take 15-20 business days.

For airport support or airport support services in Vietnam

No charge:

In case you cancel the service (s) before paying the service fee even if you do not notify us. 
No refund if you can not receive the service (s):

You have not informed us of changes to your flight information at least 36 hours before your landing time. 
You do not call our hotline or call our hotline without following our instructions when you can not find the representative (s) at the airport. 
Full refunds will be made if you are unable to receive the service (s) in our sole discretion in the following circumstances:

You can not find our representative (s) at the airport although you call us under our hotline and follow our instructions. 
You do not receive an answer or support when contacting us through our hotline when you are unable to find our representative at the airport  
. Terms and Conditions  reserves the right not to provide any service without the customer’s consent to our terms and conditions as outlined here. 
Any other visually impaired visas are covered by the same terms and conditions of  as set forth herein.

These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of all services provided by  in the processing of visa applications and other services to their clients. All orders placed by customers   are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this document.  acts as an agent on behalf of its clients in applying for visas and other services to appropriate organizations and / or immigration agencies and / or companies.  aims to process visa applications within the commitment period in their brochures.  will use its best endeavors to minimize any delays or inconveniences caused in this respect. However,  does not guarantee time for any visa application.  will not be responsible if the immigration office or any third party changes its rules, regulations or handling requirements if such a change has a direct impact on the delivery process. 
Visa processing time shown on the brochure is standard / average processing time. Any processing time  notified by Through the dealer or its material should be used as a guide only.  will not be responsible for costs incurred due to delays in the visa process due to circumstances beyond our control.  assumes no responsibility for the costs incurred by the applicant or any sub-applicant while awaiting the visa settlement. These costs may include, but are not limited to, flight costs, rent, lost income or any other costs. klipp-style.nois not liable for any costs incurred as a result of any action or action by any of the immigration, embassy or government agencies involved in the visa process or does not actually provide services from any third party relating to the visa or visa process; may result in the visa application or any part of the visa application process being delayed or refused. 
For short-term tourist visas and tourist visas,  may apply for double or multiple entry visas on behalf of clients, but embassies, immigration authorities and / or organizations may decide Single visa application. The decision to issue a single entry visa is solely with the embassy, ​​immigration, agency and / or organization and  klipp-style.noThere is no control over this. In this case,  will discount your next visa application with us with a difference in visa fees.

For any visa, especially a business or tourist visa, the customer should not book an air ticket unless the embassy, ​​immigration, agency and / or organization have specifically requested this evidence. as a request for a visa application. 
The Embassy may decide to consider applications in the destination country instead of at the local embassy. This decision is subject to the Embassy’s decision and it is not what was previously known by  . It may take longer than the standard processing time for such applications to be processed and this is beyond the control of  .  reminds you not to book your flight until your visa is issued.  advises its customers not to make any travel bookings, sell any property or to announce their intention to leave any job until you have your visa. If you decide to disregard this advice,  will not be responsible for any associated costs of such action (including travel expenses) in case of delay or denial of the application. Apply for your visa.  will always apply for the visa in the best interests of the applicant. We are a private company and we do not have the authority to issue visas in any form. We can not guarantee a positive result on the visa application or any assessment or evaluation upon the final outcome as part of the visa process. The final decision on all applications belongs to the relevant organization responsible for issuing the result.  can not be affected: any decision made by the immigration office; any request for additional information before completing the visa; any delay by the immigration authorities in issuing visas; or refusal to grant a visa.

The immigration officer / officer has the sole decision on the duration of the visa. This term may be less than the expected tenor or customer requirement. Similarly, immigration / civil servants have a unique decision on the date of activation that they place on the granted visa. This date may be before the date the customer expects or requests. is not responsible for the duration of any visa issued or date of activation issued by an immigration agency.  has no authority or control to change these terms / dates. 
klipp-style.noAdvising their clients on visa options and applying for visa applications on their behalf in good faith based on immigration information provided directly by the immigration and embassy offices at the time of filing. In cases where the immigration laws and / or regulations have been updated by the immigration department but these updates have not been publicly known at the time of the visa application, the conflicting information is out of control.  .  will not be liable for any rejected visa application or any additional costs resulting from the refusal (including travel expenses) if the circumstances of the information outdated.
Similarly, in cases where immigration counseling is provided by a immigration officer / consular officer who conflicts with the entry visa issuing officer at the port of entry, the conflicting information is beyond the control of the immigration officer.  .  will not be responsible for any rejected visa applications or any costs incurred from the refusal (including travel expenses), conflict situations among employees Immigration.  will use and rely on the information provided by the customer in providing the service to that customer.  will not independently verify or be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of such information.
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide with  all necessary information and documents related to the application. This may include but is not limited to materials from third parties such as partners, families, employers, sponsors, rating agencies, educational agencies, etc. If the material is A request that does not meet the requirements of  ,  retains not to apply for that visa until it has received all the information necessary to do so.  can not apply for a visa until it has the full documentation as stated in the registration package and any subsequent documents required by from the principal applicant. is  not responsible for any costs and / or delays arising from incomplete forms, inaccurate or incomplete information provided or inaccurate / inaccurate full. is  not responsible for applications that are not eligible due to changes in immigration policy at any stage of the immigration process. Any application that is not submitted to the Immigration Department may also be affected by changes in immigration policy.

Some documents required for the visa application may be valid for a certain period of time and are invalid (for example, a medical assessment result, a police report). . It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the material provided to  at the time of visa application is valid and available within the day.  will provide relevant medical forms for a client, so request a medical examination.  will also provide clients with a list of authorized physicians who are eligible for these drugs. However,  klipp-style.noNo part of the implementation of these health services or the provision of medical results to the Immigration Department for further processing.  recommends that applicants do not complete any medical examinations (such as chest x-rays, medical exams, blood tests, etc.) until they are recommended to do so by  .  does not cover the medical costs associated with this process.

The health check is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If the medical result provided to the Immigration Department has expired at the time a migrant worker reviews the results for the visa application, the client is responsible for providing the medical service. and pay all related costs. 
The police checklist is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If the inspector / inspector is issued to the immigration office that expires at the time the immigration officer reviews the visa application, the customer is responsible for providing the character check information. Police and all related expenses.
Assessment and visa applications are valid for a limited time. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the results of the assessment or visa application are available to  not less than 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Restricted countries. The visa application can be completed within 7 working days of the filing date. In some cases, applications may be forwarded to the Office of Immigration or the Office of Government for further processing. Recommended applications may take longer to complete after receiving all of the pending information. 
If you choose to purchase any of the services provided by  , electronically or by telephone; and want to pay for the service by cash, draft bank, postal order, check, credit card, debit card or bank transfer; You acknowledge that you agree to  klipp-style.noterms of service. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any additional fees that may be required to facilitate visa applications or ancillary services including but not limited to charges related to medical reports, Chest radiography, court documents, traffic, translation services, document certification, police inspection or passport extension.  will not provide any services (including visa applications) until payment is made to  fully for that service. is  not liable for any consequence of failure to provide the service in question.

Our prices may need to be changed without prior notice because our prices are adjusted by the exchange rate and change in the cost of immigration.

Upon receipt of the initial payment, the customer is deemed to have participated in the service of  . Our service is our expertise and expertise. Once the service has been engaged, it can not be returned, whether the customer changes his mind or no longer wants to use it. If a customer submits a refund within 30 minutes of payment, they may be partially refunded if the service has not been provided to them and / or the work has not started on their records.

Payment of the registration package is   non-refundable. 
No refunds will be made for any fees paid to  where the visa application has been submitted to the Immigration Control Agency irrespective of the reason for the withdrawal.

If the customer makes a payment to  to review the document / check prior to the visa application or any part of the application, this review will involve the review of the documents provided for preparation. Application for residence for the relevant organization. Document review / Pre-screening is not refundable if the customer decides for no reason to continue with the application when  starts evaluating the customer’s documents.

If the customer pays to  to evaluate documents / prepare visa applications or any other services for filing and changing their decision, this fee will not be refunded. In some cases, a credit for the paid balance (after assessing the cost of work performed so far) may be included in the future visa application for the client.

If the application is not eligible due to changes in immigration policy introduced during the time the application is accepted by  but before the application is submitted to the Immigration Department, Money for reviewing customer documents at  Vietnamvisas. ca  has provided this service.

If, after applying for a visa with,  you wish to withdraw the visa application and the application has not been submitted and / or processed to the Immigration Department, the assessment and / or management fee applied.

Please note that the immigration fee may be refunded in part if the visa application has not been lodged with the Immigration Department. This is the decision of .

The fee paid to  is non-refundable if you withdraw your visa application for a period longer than 3 months, even if such application may never be submitted to the Office of Immigration. scene. 
Additional cancellation charges apply in case you wish to cancel your approved visa. The visa fee will not be refunded if the visa has been approved.  reserves the right, at our discretion, to change our suppliers of products or any other party in connection with the provision of any of our services / products. is considered appropriate by  .

You agree to  to update your customers by phone and email about recent updates and changes made by the relevant reviewing authority, immigration, embassy and consulate. out; as well as new and updated products / services that  provides in case of information related to the products originally purchased, asked or registered with  Vietnamvisas. .ca  .

You may opt out of any other correspondence by sending an email to  . or call  at any time and request to be removed from our mailing list.

You must accompany your passport at the time of completing your application. If you have a new passport after the visa is issued, you should contact the  department  ‘s support  to be re-issued a new visa for your passport. In this case, the reallocation charge will be applied.

The surcharge applies where the applicant chooses to make a direct bank transfer or other payment method than the standard payment on our website.  implements a no-return policy for all services / products.

In case of loss or damage to any passports or documents received, the liability of  will be limited to the actual value of the passport and the maximum of 50 € / £ 50 per document. Paid registration application. is  not liable for any consequential loss.  reserves the right to return any passport without the required visa if the passport or documents provided do not comply with the immigration requirements or if there is insufficient time to process the visa.

Any visa application submitted to  by a partner or representative on behalf of their (tourist) client will be considered an application submitted to by customers of the partner (tourist) directly to  . All of the terms and conditions listed here apply equally to both partners / customers of the same (tourist) partner. 
If  acts as an agent or introduces a customer to ancillary or related products of other businesses, then the customer is bound by the specific Terms and Conditions of that business. Otherwise, the Terms and Conditions of .

Where a visa package or ancillary package is sold to a customer through an agent, the agent is responsible for obtaining the information and payment initially. The information that  receives from the agent is understood to be true and complete. Should the customer provide conflicting information at a later date to a case manager,  will not be responsible for the results of the application. Customer will be responsible for additional charges to  where the service should be provided in whole or in part.  assumes no liability whatsoever to the customer when the service is contractually completed with the customer. This limitation of liability for care and / or liability includes, but is not limited to, information; consultants or comments  provided by to customers after the contract is completed. 
This limitation of liability and / or liability also includes but is not limited to any accident, injury or loss of any customer or any third party caused by the service or product.  provided by to the customer.  reserves the right to include additional Terms & Conditions as necessary. Submission of the application to  via web, post, fax, email, constitutes agreement with these Terms and Conditions, including modifications, by the customer.  reserves the right to include additional Terms & Conditions as necessary. Submission of the application to  via web, post, fax, email, constitutes agreement with these Terms and Conditions, including modifications, by the customer.

Providing visa services from  to customers ends immediately after an authorized immigration officer makes a decision on the visa application. No additional work or service is provided or included from  to the customer as part of the terms of service unless otherwise stated in the original contract. cansometimes provide information or opinions to clients in addition to providing visa services for entry. This information may include, but is not limited to, information related to travel dates and visas, travel options, travel, employment, accommodation, geography and general information about life in another country. . No information or opinions are considered part of the service. will not be liable for any inaccuracy or inadequacy of such information. It is the Customer’s responsibility to review and verify the accuracy and suitability of any such information.

The correspondence between immigration and  for any visa application is completely confidential and is not subject to further distribution to the third party (including the principal applicant).

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he familiarizes himself with the date of his visa activation and that the customer is entering the country to activate his / her visa before the visa expiration date. Customer visas are liable to be canceled upon expiration of the visa if the customer has not entered in before this date. Customers take all responsibilities and responsibilities in such situations.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he familiarizes himself with the date of his visa activation and that the customer is entering the country to activate his / her visa before the visa expiration date. Customer visas are liable to be canceled upon expiration of the visa if the customer has not entered in before this date. Customers take all responsibilities and responsibilities in such situations. is  not responsible or liable for any breach of any existing terms and conditions (including past due) which you hold or have previously suffered as a consequence of Illegal in another country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain legal at all times while you are in another country.  will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the embassy / consulate for inaccurate visas or inaccurate details of the visa as it is beyond its control. we.  will not be liable in any case to compensate you for any loss, damage or delay of your passport or travel document by any courier / delivery company. third party.

In case you want to apply for another visa for a country where you are and your Immigration Service requires you to stay abroad at the time of application, you will need to contact us as soon as you leave. out of the country. Please note that we will process your required visa only if we receive your written confirmation that you are outside the country. Failure to do so and you should re-enter that country without our team providing you with a letter of approval / visa number, which may result in additional travel expenses for which you are responsible and is not responsible for  .
Passports include the replacement cost of the passport and, if possible, the replacement of the passport. The re-disbursement is limited to the fee that the embassy charges for the replacement of the passport to the maximum as set out above. Please note that the service includes a passport valid only during the visa period.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the letter of approval of the Visa / Visa Approval Letter is correct. It is very important that the customer understands and adheres to the visa conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions, the visa may be canceled and he may be required to leave the country.  will not be responsible for costs incurred by customers who do not comply with these conditions. is  not responsible for inaccurate details of the visa because the customer is responsible for checking the Visa Grant / Visa acceptance letter and ensuring that the visa details appear exactly as it is on the visa. passport. Please note that failure to do so may result in significant delays / missed flights / additional travel expenses / unauthorized entry into the country concerned. is  not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of non-compliance.

As our customer, you are responsible for declaring any events that may affect your situation by email before joining our services. This may include, but is not limited to, serious medical conditions and serious criminal offenses. Failure to disclose such appropriate facts may result in the visa application being delayed or denied.

Bank account applications are processed within 7 business days after all details are confirmed and sent to our supplier.

The information on this website is current at the time of publication and subject to change.

Visas may be canceled at any time after the visa letter is issued if the information is provided to  and in turn the immigration authorities for the purposes of applying for a visa are considered to be wrong. and / or misleading information. In the event that the visa is canceled on that basis,  will not be responsible for any costs, claims, liabilities or any other results the customer incurs as a result of the cancellation of the application. Visas are arranged through  .

Disclaimer  does not guarantee that all confirmations and notices will be successfully sent to your email due to objective and unexpected reasons related to email delivery (email errors, errors, etc.). You agree to contact our Support Team at least 2 days prior to your arrival date if you have not received your visa approval letter.  will not be liable for any loss or damage arising or will not accept any refund request thereafter.
The applicant is responsible for verifying the correct information about the letter of approval issued by the government. In case of mistake, the applicant must contact us immediately for repair. Otherwise, the applicant is entirely responsible for the mistakes. If errors are made on our part, we will process the approval letter free of charge, and if it is in the applicant’s part, the applicant must pay the full fee to obtain a letter of approval. new. The process of receiving a new approval letter will take several times, so applicants should carefully check their approval letter before the trip.

Letters of approval for Vietnamese visas are usually issued in groups, so you can find your name, passport number and date of birth in the same letter to others. In case you would like to have a private letter, a request will be sent to our email at  .  does not guarantee accountability for any issues arising from the group’s letter of acceptance.


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Entire agreement

This agreement, together with the Privacy Statement, constitutes the entire agreement between you and  and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations or representations regarding  . Failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of such provision or the exercise of that right. No waiver, modification, or other modification made by you will be valid or binding unless expressly written and signed by both parties. This agreement is governed by the laws of Vietnam.

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